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UCI Latinx Resources
Initiated by the UCI-OC Alliance for a Latino/a Thriving University
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UCI-OC Alliance


In 2017, the US Department of Education designated UCI as a Hispanic Serving Institution. UCI was only the second campus member of the prestigious American Association of Universities to secure this designation. Building on the 2015 Bright Past. Brilliant Future. strategic plan, the campus committed to becoming the nation’s leading Latino/a Thriving University. It adopted three integrated pillars to advance this institutional aspiration. UCI will serve as a Pathway to the American Dream; Promote Latino/a Cultural and Intellectual Capital; and Transform the Faculty and Knowledge Workforce of the Future.


The purpose of the Alliance is to advance UCI as a Latino/a Thriving University through engaging and supporting Latino/a students, staff and faculty. Serving Orange County, this community led alliance is facilitated by the Office of Inclusive Excellence. The Alliance advances its purpose through communication, collaboration, and engagement with the University administration and support groups as well as participation in and active support of Latino/a events and programs on campus. Eligibility for membership is based on both a commitment to fortifying relations between the University and the community and potential contributions to campus priorities.

Guiding Principles

  1. The Alliance meets quarterly for briefings and discussion about on-going Latino/a initiatives, new programs and events, and other opportunities at UCI.
  2. Alliance members will have the opportunity to join campus support groups for selected priorities at UCI.
  3. Alliance members collaborate as ambassadors for UCI Latino/a initiatives and programs, raising awareness and expanding engagement throughout Orange County.
  4. Campus representatives and Alliance members will meet on a regular basis, and members will be encouraged to share advice about enriching the campus Latino/a priorities, programs and events.